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Husband. Father. Business Owner. Volunteer.

Gary Fox believes in the American Dream because he has lived it.

Gary was born in Akron and moved into a single-wide trailer on the east side of Wadsworth with his parents at age two. While his family was poor, it was rich in love and Gary was grounded in the belief that with God, all things are possible…especially in America! He grew up in Wadsworth, went to Wadsworth public schools, played baseball in Wadsworth’s little league, and went to church in Wadsworth throughout his youth. Suffice it to say, Gary’s heart and home is in District 66 where he is now raising a family of his own in Wadsworth.


After high school Gary went into church ministry, becoming an ordained Southern Baptist minister and served in churches in Copley and in Wadsworth. He met and married his wife Naomi, and from the start of their marriage together they devoted themselves to public service. Mentoring, counseling, and serving others is all they have ever known as a couple.  It is a way of life which led them to become foster parents.

Over the years Gary and Naomi cared for sixteen fantastic children who desperately needed a temporary home, and fully adopted two of those children. Their oldest son is also adopted, although he came into their family by way of a private adoption rather than the foster care system. But God was not done with the Fox family, and they were later blessed with the miracle birth of a fourth child, their one and only little girl. 


In 2017, Gary and Naomi became business owners who continued investing in the lives of children by opening The Fox’s Den Childcare in Wadsworth. In 2021 they expanded the business and opened a second childcare center right on the border of Seville and Creston. Like every small business in Ohio, the burden placed upon them by the crushing hand of an out of control government during the pandemic was a stress they pray they will never be forced to endure again and that is a fight Gary will gladly take on in Columbus in order to prevent it in the future.


Through all of the challenges his family faced over the last three years, their business has continued to grow and create opportunities for parents to rest easy knowing their children are being well cared for during the day. It has also created good private sector job opportunities for people seeking to get into the child care or education fields. Between both childcare centers, The Fox’s Den Childcare employees about 30 full time teachers along with additional summer staff of college students studying early childhood education.

Gary finished his Interdisciplinary Bachelors of Science Degree in Bible and US Government from Liberty University in August of 2021. Having navigated his young family with school age children and his business through the tumultuous pandemic era, he knew his calling was to step back from his duties at The Fox’s Den and to focus his energy on restoring conservative governance in Ohio. At that time, he also began working for Jim Renacci’s campaign for Ohio Governor and in January of 2022 became the Regional Field Director in Northeast Ohio for the Renacci campaign. Working so closely with former Congressman Renacci, and his staff, did nothing but enflame Gary’s desire to see a resurgence of true conservative values and leadership in Ohio. After that campaign Gary worked closely on a volunteer basis for the Max Miller campaign for Congress and volunteered for the Medina County Republican Party. Shortly after, he became the State Outreach Director of Ohioans For Responsible Government, traveling the state speaking to grassroots groups about the many issues troubling future growth of Ohio.

Solving the problems facing Ohioans today takes courage, coupled with common sense approaches rooted in the conservative principles that are enshrined in our founding documents. In Columbus, Gary will fight hard to shrink the size of state government, protect our families and our freedoms, and fight against outside special interest groups seeking to hijack our state constitution. Gary will always put the needs and personal liberties of the 66th District first.

Ohioans are done with life-long politicians who seek to maintain the status quo, who follow rather than lead, and who are willing to compromise on their campaign promises. Gary is a family man with a heart for his state. He will go to Columbus to play offense, not defense. Gary is here to fight for the future of his children and yours. This is a battle Ohio can’t afford to lose. It is time to take back liberties and prosperity lost due to big government actions by politicians serving themselves rather than their constituents. Gary wants to go to Columbus to get the hard work done, just like he always has. He wants to represent you because he IS one of you.

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